How does it work?

How does shnit CINEMAS work?

The Worldwide short film festival „shnit“ based in Bern, Switzerland is continuing to globally expand with shnit CINEMAS global community of short film lovers.

Shnit CINEMAS is different programs of 6 short films, that are part of our INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. Through the years, shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival has proved itself as being a measure for excellences. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to bring the best short films to an international audience and to reward aspiring filmmakers.

Between October 18th – 29th 2017 shnit CINEMAS will hit the screens worldwide for the third time. To ensure a truly global presence we are eager to offer partnerships to movie theaters and venues worldwide and to invite people to expand the short film lovers community by screening the shnit CINEMAS. The audience then gets to be part of the festival too, by choosing their favorite film they influence the AUDIENCE award that includes prize money of US$ 5’000. The audience will vote using shnit APP (release date Sep.25) which also display the worldwide locations of shnit CINEMAS – including your cinema!